73.8m Super Motoryacht

Customer Brief

This prestigious super yacht offers luxury accommodation for its owner and her family. Aboard the owner’s deck, the crew wished to provide the owner with weatherproof screening for the hot tub area, and private deck without the necessity for a large number of fixings to the motoryacht.


The concept drawings were able to provide the owners with a stable ‘form found’ structure and substantially weatherproof enclosure that would appear modern and attractive. The form-finding process was used to produce the most stable shape whilst the design would blend seamlessly in with the body of the yacht. Without form finding technology a structure will tend to be unstable, reverberate, flap and allow water to pool.

How we did it

Our designers measured the aft owners deck using our 3D measuring proliner device. In turn our engineer was able to use this data to analyse the geometry of the superstructure and model wind flow across our concept design. The result is an awning with tension distributed across the entire structure; no lofting or flapping of the edges and no pooling of water after rainfall and no framework or bracing poles. This is the key to our successful awnings and embraces our design mantra for simplicity and ease of use and deployment.

weatherproof screening for the hot tub area