Tensile structures can provide flexible architecturally attractive shelter for schools, restaurants, retail premises, outdoor activity centres, and zoos, to name but a few. The necessity to bring the outdoors inside to allow our clients to protect their customers from the sun, wind, and rain whilst maintaining the open feel of the area, or flexible use of the space can be met by one of our bespoke awnings without significantly adding to the built form of the building.

The stunning range includes permanent and semi-permanent structures.

  • Creating a perfect alfresco dining area
  • Stunning and sophisticated space for entertaining
  • All weather patio area
  • Aesthetically beautiful yet practical
  • Easy to deploy. Use of furling systems allow fast deployment and retraction
  • Create a new architectural aspect to your property
  • CAD designs are used to show perspective views of the final structure

Structures are designed only after consultation with the owner and a measured survey of the area to be covered. A bespoke CAD design is used to show perspective views of the final structure. Dolphin’s design team will talk you through the whole process and advise you on ease of use.

Form Finding

The computerised ‘form finding’ process is then used to produce stable awnings that have been analysed to resist the effects of any applied loads including rain, wind and snow.

Our computer analysis tools include software that was used to design the Millennium O2 Dome amongst many others. Our form found membrane designs are able to blend seamlessly with the body of the structure of any building, yacht, roofline or freestanding structure.