150ft ft super yacht

Customer Brief

This architecturally stunning 150ft super yacht lies in sunny climes, and our customers wished to provide the owners and guests with extra protection from the sun to the cockpit, mizzen area and main deck of the yacht.  Their awnings were required to be stable and weatherproof whilst not detracting from the attractive lines of the yacht and easily assembled by crew members within a short period of time for maximum comfort of those aboard.


This prestigious super yacht required architecturally attractive awnings that did not increase the number of fixings that may detract from the design of the yacht.

It was considered that two over boom tensile awnings could provide the best coverage for the mizzen and main deck areas, offering up to 2½ times the coverage of other bimini protection resulting in considerable sun protection and a noticeable reduction in overall boat temperature beneath deck.  It was considered that the peaked version of our over boom awnings would increase the feeling of space upon the deck under the awning whilst utilising the existing halyards on the boat to enable easy hoisting and lowering to expedite erection.  Our design mantra is to seek simplicity and ease of use. We seek to make best use of what is already in place to support the structures and in many cases add little or nothing to what currently exists on-board. The ideal concept is to have an awning that can utilise attachment points already used for normal dynamic sailing loads.

The awnings were fitted by our team with optional zip-on side panels.

The mesh side panels allow vision from inside the awning but restrict most of the vision from outside the awning in allowing any cooling breeze that exists to filtrate into the shaded area.

How we did it

Each awning starts with precise digital measurements taken on board the yacht. Our designers worked in continuous partnership with the yachts commissioners at the concept stage to ensure we met the design standards of the yacht builders and we could provide the crew with considerable detail regarding the look, aspect and fitting of the awnings from artist impressions to CAD drawings, rainwater flow and stress tensions.  The design incorporates the standard and running rigging of the sail yachts to support the tensile loads and make installation as quickly as possible. No battens or spreader poles are required and the lightweight fabric makes crew work easy and storage versatile.

150 ft yacht